How Birth Tissue Donation Works

The process of birth tissue donation is simple–one that only requires a few steps from both mother and health care provider. It doesn’t cost the mother anything, nor does it change anything about her baby’s delivery:


  • The expectant mother must plan to deliver via Caesarean section and be free of infectious diseases and cancer.
  • Prior to the birth, appropriate consent forms are filled out and the mother’s medical record reviewed. All records and personal information are handled in accordance with HIPAA regulations.
  • During admission, additional tubes of blood will be collected for further testing to confirm the donated tissue is free of infectious diseases. Should the tests yield any unexpected positive results, we will inform your physician and the Public Health Department for appropriate follow-up and care.
  • During delivery, the birth tissue will be recovered in a sterile manner and transferred to a Tennessee Donor Services professional for packaging, labeling, and transportation.


The tissue recovery process is designed for minimal disruption to the birthing process. Tennessee Donor Services staff will supply educational materials which can be given to expectant mothers.

The value of birth tissue cannot be underestimated. With your assistance, this simple process can treat up to 50 people in need of its healing properties. Together we can work to make the birth process even more meaningful.