For Moms: Donate your birth tissue and save a life

Make your child’s birth even more special by donating birth tissue to help others heal…and potentially save someone else’s life in the process. Your donation can prevent the needless discarding of valuable birth tissue after your child is born.

Birth tissue donation is simple. It doesn’t cost you anything, nor does it change anything about your baby’s delivery.

It’s also private and confidential. The tissue donation process is administered by Tennessee Donor Services Birth Tissue Donation Program, an experienced and respected tissue donation agency. Learn more about us here.


How To Participate: The Donation Process

Any healthy, expectant mother planning a single-birth, Caesarean section delivery can donate birth tissue to the program. C-section delivery provides the appropriate sterile conditions for birth tissue recovery. There is no age limit for donation, but certain medical conditions, including infectious diseases and active cancer, can disqualify a birth mother from donating.


  • Speak with your doctor about your decision to donate your birth tissue through TDS.
  • Sign a written consent giving TDS permission to recover your birth tissue.
  • Complete the simple and confidential FDA-required medical and social history information and paperwork.
  • Provide samples of your blood when you arrive at the hospital. These additional tubes will be drawn at the same time your routine hospital blood work is drawn. No additional needle stick is required.
  • After your baby is born, your health care providers will recover the birth tissue and pass it to our specially-trained staff to prepare for transport.